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Are You Struggling To Sell Your Business or Raise the Necessary Finance and Investment to Move to the Next Level ?

If the answer Is “YES” then we can help.

We specialise in Franchising and Licensing and have hundreds of business clients and investors across the UK who are looking to buy, invest in, merge with and financially re-engineer companies in similar sectors to themselves. This also includes helping 'distressed' businesses which need immediate assistance.

  • Struggling to sell a business or need to sell it quickly ?
  • Struggling to raise finance and investment ?
  • Looking to grow your business through acquisition, merger, franchising or licensing ?
  • Have a distressed business that needs immediate help with cash flow and financial re-engineering ?
Unlike the Banking Industry our clients and investors pride themselves on their ability to make quick decisions. Deals and Agreements can be made in days rather than months if necessary. This is particularly important with companies that have severe cash flow issues. Days can make a difference between survival and insolvency.
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Our role is to identify businesses who are interested in getting their business sale or financing back on track. This also includes companies looking at acquisitions and mergers. Companies who are distressed and need immediate assistance can be 'Fast Tracked' through the process.

We collect the relevant business information from interested businesses and then present our findings to parties we believe would best meet their needs. Everything is done in complete confidence and a business name would not be revealed until firm interest is established.

This is a completely FREE service for you. We receive fees and commissions from clients, investors and third parties if and when deals are completed.
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